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Department of Statistics

The Department of Statistics currently offers two courses in SPC – one at Honours level (SPC 780) and one at masters level (STK 880).


SPC 780

Statistical Process Control 780 (SPC 780) focuses on the use of modern statistical methods for quality control and improvement and it will benefit students and professional practitioners such as quality and reliability engineers, product designers, inspectors and operators. Some of the key concepts that are included in this course are: control charting procedures, variables and attributes control charts, time weighted control charts such as the cumulative sum (CUSUM) and exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA) control charts, nonparametric control charts, process capability ratios and autocorrelated data.

STK 880

Statistical Process Control 880 (STK 880) has been developed since the beginning of 2004 under the leadership of Prof. S Chakraborti from the University of Alabama, USA and in collaboration with colleagues in the Department of Statistics at the University of Pretoria.

The content and method of presentation of this course is different from other modules on the master’s level and students find it both demanding and stimulating.  The goal is to prepare students for the exciting world of research.  The study material includes selected chapters from a list of prescribed and recommended textbooks plus a range of peer-reviewed journal articles and technical reports. The study material is updated regularly to reflect the active areas of current research in the field of SPC and to be in line with the current focus area(s) of SPC research by the group members.

The students will learn how to read journal articles, look for research ideas, do a literature search and review and identify research questions. Use of technology and computations are also emphasized.  For more information about the course, please contact one of the group members.