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Taking chances, giving direction...

By Chris Broodryk

Posted on 04 May 2012

"Some You Can See… Others Not At All", choreographed by Kyle de Boer, forms part of the DETOURS Physical Theatre and Dance project hosted by the Dramatic Arts department at Wits University.

16 – 19 May 2012, WITS Downstairs Theatre
1 –2 June 2012, Masker Theatre

Some You Can See… Others Not At All draws inspiration from the work of Merce Cunningham. Cunningham's work experimented with choreographic structure and processes of meaning making using what he called, “chance mechanisms”. Cunningham would for example develop choreographic works and then during the performance of the work, subject the piece and it’s performers to different “chance” stimuli. At times the audience would dictate the structure of the work or suggest the props to be placed on stage which dancers would incorporate in their performance.  

Some You Can See… Others Not At All engages with chance “mechanisms” in exploring the themes of space, inclusion, exclusion, cultural and racial signifiers and personal relationships. The piece is about space, about how we build walls/discourses and try to possess space and time with these structures/discourses; about relationships between bodies in South African spaces; relationships between the different performers and the cultural signifiers they embody, as well as the relationship of the observer/audience with the space and performer.

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