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Department Menslikehulpbronbestuur

Expert List

Prof Karel Stanz        

Organisational behaviour

Tel +27 12 420-3074

Prof Hein Brand 

Organisational Health & Safety
Stress Management
Ethics Management
Trust building in organisations
Organisational climate and employee relations
Personal development / effective self-management 

Tel +27 12 420-3433

Prof Pieter Schaap    

Instrument development & validation
Psychometrics and skills testing
Management, leadership assessment and development centres
Training impact analysis
Organisational motivation 

Tel +27 12 420-3304

Prof Stella Nkomo

Women in leadership
Gender and diversity

Tel +27 12 420-4664

Prof Deon Meiring

Assessment Centre

Tel +27 12 420-3846

Chantal Olckers

Psychometric and competency testing
Recruitment and selection
Instrument validation 

Tel +27 12 420-3435

Dr Nasima Carrim

Gender in Management 

Tel +27 12 420-2466

Sumari O'Neil

Postgraduate supervision
Research methodology and its instruction
Intervention research
Programme development, monitoring & evaluation
Teaching and learning

Tel +27 12 420-3437

Prof Leopold Vermeulen

Aviation Psychology
Organisational restructuring, downsizing and retrenchment 


Prof Johan Basson(Retired)

Organisational Development
Organisational Behaviour
Change Management
Human Resource Development

Tel +27 12 420-3431

Prof Hannes de Beer  

Diversity management
Performance management
Strategic Human Resource Management
Employment equity