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Department of Historical & Heritage Studies

GES (History) Undergraduate Modules

GES 110 The making of the Modern World: a survey

 A selection of themes on Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe and their contribution to the making of the Modern World.  

GES 120 Africa and South Africa: a survey
An overview focusing on the making of African and South African societies from the earliest times to the present, with an emphasis on the most significant historical forces, factors and events.  

GES 210 Themes from African history
A selection of themes on the history of Africa and its people during pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial times, focusing on the social, political and economic forces that helped shape the African historical experience.

GES 220 Rise and fall of segregation and apartheid
Focuses on the origin and theoretical foundations of these policies and their entrenchment in SA legislation. The resistance against the institution of these policies and the subsequent dismantling of apartheid. The impact on the social, cultural and economic terrain.

GES 310 Historical trends in the modern world
A selection of political, economic and social themes.

GES 320 Globalisation, diversity and change
Theories and interpretation on the process of change. Globalisation and its significance for, inter alia, the global economy, the nation-state, nationalism, ethnicity and culture.