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Benefits and the Role of Alumni

Your say in UP affairs

Alumni appoint four Convocation representatives who serve on the University Council. In this way former students can have a say in the affairs of their Alma Mater.

Your qualification and the recognition it has in the marketplace and in your occupation, are precious assets. Your Alumni involvement ensures that UP maintains the standards to which you are accustomed. It also ensures that your UP qualification remains sought after in the market place.

Alumni involvement has several other benefits (terms and conditions apply):

Members of the  Alma Mater Fund enjoy additional benefits such as access to the UP Library  (free of charge) and a discount on purchases made at Bookmark on campus.

The Role of Alumni      

UP's alumni are the key products of UP and the most important manifestation of UP's excellence.  Alumni leave their mark on society all over the world and in this way the University of Pretoria is recognised.  Our graduates make an immeasurable contribution to represent Tukkies first-hand locally and abroad. The  University wants to continuously engage with alumni as very important stakeholder group.

Your continued involvement helps Tukkies to remain the university of excellence it is.  As a member of the alumni body you can support your Alma Mater in the following ways:

  • By being an advocate and ambassador for UP;
  • By participating in the governance of UP through the Convocation representatives on the UP Council as well as through the TuksAlumni Board;
  • By assisting with the recruitment of new students;
  • Through mentorships and career guidance for current students and young graduates;
  • By networking;
  • By helping with the mobilisation of resources;
  • By donating your time, effort, expertise, finances and other resources to UP;
  • By your continued support for the University in general.


The friendly TuksAlumni staff