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About us

The TuksAlumni Office is your link with your Alma Mater. The Office maintains channels of communication with alumni and creates opportunities for them to continue playing an active role in the UP. The TuksAlumni Office is part of the Department of University Relations. Staff provide benefits and services for alumni, as well as opportunities for alumni to network and socialise with each other and to re-connect with their residence, student organisation, academic department, faculty and Alma Mater.

Our more than 231 000 former students make an invaluable contribution to marketing the University of Pretoria locally and overseas. This is why the University wishes to keep its former students informed of the work done here, the University's activities and the events on campus, as well as the latest developments in science, technology and practice.

Over the years our UP graduates have given us information about UP's image off campus, helped to recruit prospective students of outstanding quality and to identify possible donors, as well as to establish and maintain contact with industry. This helps Tukkies to remain an excellent university. Each year students, lecturers and other staff come and go, but our corps of TuksAlumni remains constant.

As part of the UP alumni you have bargaining power at the highest level in the management of UP - the University Council - and you can also enjoy other tangible benefits.

Live your Tukkie pride every day! Be a proud Tukkie for life!


A few terms explained:

  • The UP Convocation: Is made up of the Vice-chancellor, Vice-principals, Executive Directors, Registrar, Deans of Faculties, academic employees on the permanent staff of the University, professors emeriti, other retired academic employees and all persons who are graduates of UP.

  • The TuksAlumni Association: An association of UP alumni members governed by an approved constitution and an elected Alumni Board.

  • TuksAlumni Office (Office of Alumni Relations): Part of the Advancement sub-unit of UP's Department of University Relations . Also known as the Office of Alumni Relations.  The Office liaises with all graduates as a stakeholder group of the University.


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