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Philosophy & Ethics of Mental Health

Open Seminar 11 - 15 April 2011 


 Ethics, Values & Mental Health

Venue: Auditorium Building, Weskoppies Hospital, Ketjen Road, Pretoria-West

 Time: Monday to Friday from 14:00 till 17:00

Monday 11 April
Various approaches to ethics of mental health
Bio-ethics, casuistry, perspectivism, and values based practice. The strengths and weaknesses of various kinds of ethics including principlism, virtue ethics, utilitarianism, individual liberalism and common arguments in ethics. Professional ethics.

Tuesday 12 April
Diversity of values in mental health: theory and cases
What are values? Where are values at play in mental health? Developing a knowledge and skills base for decision making that accounts for diversity and person-centred care. The African connections with diversity and person-centred care. The values in Evidence Based Practice and comparing Evidence Based Practice with Values Based practice.  

Wednesday 13 April
Incapacity owing to mental disorder
Informed consent, assessments of capacity and incapacity, kinds of (in)capacity, incapacity in case of treatment interventions, diagnostic interventions, research, disclosure to 3rd parties, managing financial affairs, and criminal and civil charges. Ethics of mental health research.

Thursday 14 April
Ethics of harm & looming death in mental health
Rationality and irrationality, freedom and paternalism, risks of harm (assessments and traps), risk of suicide and obligations including justification of such obligations, imminent homicide, psychiatric euthanasia, confidentiality & case registers

Friday 15 April
Ethics of legislation and jurisprudence in mental health
The ethics of legislation and jurisprudence regarding mental health: mental health acts, incarceration, criminal procedures, sexual and other offenders, sex and pro-creation, discrimination and stigmatisation.


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