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Women's day electricity workshop hosted at Sci-Enza

By Irene Schoeman

Posted on 10 August 2010

In celebration of Women's month, cleaning staff at the University of Pretoria were invited to an electricity workshop at Sci-Enza. Approximately thirty ladies who work in science and engineering buildings on campus had the opportunity to attend this event during their lunch hour on Tuesday 10 August 2010.

Electricity workshopThe workshop started with a fun-filled lecture about electricity. The women learnt the difference between static and current electricity and had the opportunity to experience static electricity for themselves using a Van der Graaff generator.

The lecture was followed with a practical session where each of the participants had the opportunity to learn how to safely wire a plug.

The workshop was funded by SAASTA, the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement of and made part of the activities celebration “Women and Science” that Sci-Enza is hosting during August 2010.

“The cleaning staff works hard in and around our workplaces at University everyday. This workshop gave us an opportunity to empower these women to understand the science behind the things they work with.”

Wiring a plug DIY Static electricity


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