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Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences

Composition of the Teaching & Learning Committee

The Teaching and Learning Committee (hereafter "the Committee") consists of:

  • The Dean
  •  At least one (1) representative from each department of the Faculty, designated by the Executive of the Faculty, nominated on the basis of their teaching and learning experience;
  • The Head: Student Administration;
  • The Office of the Dean provides the secretarial support to the Committee;
  • Representatives of the Department for Education Innovation;
  • Co-opted Members. Members can be co-opted by the committee with the permission of the Dean. Co-option can be general or for specific needs as identified by the Teaching and Learning Committee.

Members of the Committee are appointed for a term of four (4) years, with an option to renew the appointment for a further four years;

The chairperson of the Committee is appointed by the Dean;

The Chairperson will represent the Faculty on the Senate Teaching and Learning Committee.