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Student Culture

Student Culture
Sudentee Kultuur (STUKU)

What is Student Culture?

Student Culture is a student service provider at the university of pretoria that organises a variety of cultural activities for the students. STUKU is a fair and well organised platform for the different cultures to promote their own and get exposed to others and in the process create a unique " tukkie-culture" that embodies a balance between intergration and the appreciation of diversity.
Student Culture Events Include:
  • Ienk Melodienk
This is an inter-residence cultural activity that focuses on the first years during the  orientation week. it is a show of singing and  synchronized dancing.
  • ATKV Debate
This is the afrikaans debating competion where debat consists of a varity of topics that is relevent in our society today.
  • Serrie
Serrie is very similar to ienkmelodeink the only difference is that here all members of the residences are allowed to participate.
  • Serenade
This is an event where small groups of students, from the various residences, come and sing acapella.
  • Up arts week.
Up arts week is a week full of events that include a variety of talent showcased by the students of the university. From drama,art, poetry,comedy, the list goes on