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UP Arts Objects Conservation Facility


The University of Pretoria is fortunate to manage its art and heritage collections in-house, with a unique objects conservation facility, rivalling any university or national museum. The UP Arts Objects Conservation Facility was only launched two years ago, and has demonstrated a real need for its conservation services within the university collections, but also as a restoration studio for the public. 

Conservation of the art and heritage collections is twofold. Firstly by preventive conservation care this identifies causes of deterioration followed by measures taken to prevent decay or damage. This takes the form of good house-keeping, climate control, physical protection, integrated pest management and care of the museum display and storage environment. Secondly, there is interventive conservation where a conservator intervenes in saving an object from decay and loss through repair, stabilisation, reconstruction and restoration. Collections management, exhibitions and research are all interlinked and dependant on conservation measures and therefore the UP Arts Objects Conservation Facility which will have a major strategic role to play in taking the Univeristy of Pretoria museums forward and preserving its valuable collections for generations to come.