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Forest Science Postgraduate Programme


Forestry as a career

Forestry is an important industry in South Africa –not only because of its significant economic contribution to the country, but also because of the important role it plays in poverty alleviation and job creation in the rural areas. Natural forests on the other hand, have an important effect on rendering environmental services and providing for the rural livelihoods.


Forestry as an industry in South Africa was declared as one of the seven industrial sectors earmarked for growth under the Government’s ASGISA Programme. Such significance of forestry will require a critical mass of trained scientists and forest managers including the upliftment of previously disadvantaged. Internationally, especially in the rest of Africa, the multidiciplinary nature of Forest Science and/or Management as a profession prepare an individual to be well grounded in bio-physical processes involved in ecosystem dynamics as well as socio-economic aspects; and so forestry professionals are better equipped to undertake Sustainable Management of the Natural Resource. This makes the option for job opportunities unlimited from being a research scientist, forest manager, conservation manager to a community based natural resource manager.