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School of Medicine

Welcome to the School of Medicine

The School of Medicine at University of Pretoria started out as the Faculty of Medicine in 1943.  The first class comprised of 57 students.  Over the years class sizes increased and departments of allied health care were added to the Faculty.  With the formation of the Faculty of Health Sciences in 1999 the School of Medicine was established as one of four Schools in the Faculty, the others being Schools of Dentistry, Health Care Sciences and Health Systems & Public Health. 

The School of Medicine offers training for the following degrees:

  • MBChB
  • MMed in different specialties
  • MPharm Med
  • MPhil (Philosophy and ethics of mental health)
  • BClinical Medical Practice
  • MPhil (Pain Management)
  • Master of Early Childhood Intervention
  • BScHons
  • MSc
  • Doctor of Medicine
  • Doctor of Philosophy

Postgraduate Diplomas are also offered in Family Medicine and in General Ultrasound.

We hope you find all the details you are hoping to find on this site. Details of all the courses can be found by using the Academic Programmes link. You can also find additional information in the yearbook of the University of Pretoria and on the site for prospective students


UP PhD student receives prestigious award for best research in basic pharmacology - 21/08/2014
From Department of Pharmacology

Mr Werner Cordier, who is currently doing a PhD under the supervision of Prof Vanessa Steenkamp from the Department of Pharmacology at UP, was awarded the prestigious IPASA (Innovative Pharmaceutical Association of South Africa) award for best research in basic pharmacology for his research titled ‘An in vitro mechanistic evaluation of the hepatotoxic properties of Solanum aculeastrum’.

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UP wonder couple take on cancer - 21/07/2014
From Department of Physiology

Chemotherapy and radiation that are used currently in the fight against cancer not only attack cancer cells but also normal cells, and this leads to side effects for patients receiving treatment. In 2005, UP wonder couple Professors Annie and Fourie Joubert decided to combine their expertise in biochemistry and bioinformatics in pursuit of developing a new anticancer drug that targets only cancer cells. Together with their postgraduate students, and with national and international collaboration, they have so far achieved results that hold great promise for anticancer drug development.

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High-performance research leads to high-performance individuals - 09/06/2014
From Department of Physiology

Imagine a top rugby player knew the exact reason why he had not been selected for the team and why his position had been given to another player. What if schools in resource-constrained communities could really become facilities used optimally for social change? In a day and age where power and competition are what motivate achievement, solutions for improvement would be greatly beneficial. Prof Peet du Toit of the Department of Physiology has devised methods to evaluate performance and applications to improve education methods. These indicators are based on a holistic approach to research, testing an array of variables to give a thorough indication of an individualís true level of performance and development.

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UP expert contributes to textbook set to become benchmark for international forensic medicine - 06/06/2014
From Department of Forensic Medicine

Dr Ryan Blumenthal, a senior specialist in the Department of Forensic Medicine in the University of Pretoria’s Faculty of Health Sciences, contributed a chapter to the Handbook of Forensic Medicine, edited by Burkhard Madea and published by Wiley-Blackwell in April 2014. The book is set to become the benchmark for international forensic medicine.

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