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Department of Visual Arts

Jenni Lauwrens

BA (ED) Fine Arts (UP); BA (Hons) (Art History) (UP); MA (Visual Studies) (UP)
Tel: +27 12 420 4164

Jenni Lauwrens teaches Visual Culture Studies in the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Pretoria. Her research interests include the disciplinary complexities wrought by the relationship between Art History and visual culture with a particular interest in how this relationship affects art education practice. Apart from an interest in ideological critiques of visual culture, she delves into theories dealing with contemporary visuality, vision, sight and the construction of seeing, particularly as such notions inform how contemporary subjectivity is understood. In her most recent research activities Lauwrens investigates the phenomenology of perception and the multisensoriality of aesthetic encounters.

Research highlights

Lauwrens, J. 2005. Do good fences make good neighbours? Reviewing disciplinary borders in art history and visual culture studies. De Arte 72:49-57.

Lauwrens, J. 2006. “The contested relationship between art history and visual culture studies: a South African perspective”, Transformation/s in Visual Culture, SAVAH annual conference, Vaal University of Technology, Van der Bijl Park, 7-10 September.

Lauwrens, J. 2008. Sightseeing in art and visual culture. Image & Text 14:18-28.

Lauwrens, J. 2008. “’Sight-seeing’ through the visual in Art History and Visual Communication”, Education Innovation Quest: A Century in the Service of Knowledge. EDUVATE. University of Pretoria. 25-27 June.

Lauwrens, J. 2008. “The future of the disciplined image: plotting a course”, International Conference on the Arts in Society. Birmingham Institute of Arts and Design. 28-31 July.

Lauwrens, J. 2009. “A speculation on representations of the (in)visible in contemporary ‘new media’ art works,” SAVAH annual conference, UP, Pretoria, 9-11 July.

Lauwrens, J. 2010/2011. Disciplining image in visual culture studies: plotting a course. Scope: contemporary research topics. Art & design 5&6:24-33.

Lauwrens, J. 2012. Can you see what I mean? An exploration of the limits of vision in anti-ocularcentric contemporary art. De Arte 85:26-41.

Lauwrens, J. 2012. Welcome to the revolution: the sensory turn and art history. Journal of Art Historiography 7:1-17.

Lauwrens, J. 2012. “Is new art history new enough? A South African perspective”, After the new art history. University of Birmingham. 26-27 March.

Lauwrens, J. 2013. “Putting on the pressure: the sensory turn and art history” SAVAH conference Visual arts and art history now: What? How? Why?, Michaelis School of Art, UCT, 5 – 8 September.

Lauwrens, J. 2013. “Rethinking the gap: intimate visions of the body in/and space”, Time, space and the body conference, Sydney, Australia, 11 – 13 February.

Exhibition catalogue essays

Lauwrens, J. 2013. A speculation on representing the (in)visible in Berco Wilsenach’s, In die sterre geskryf II (Written in the stars II). Catalogue essay for Wilsenach’s exhibition The Blind Astronomer 7- 30 March 2013 (MOAD).