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School of Dentistry

Academic Programmes 

The School of Dentistry commits itself, within the broader vision of the University of Pretoria, to critical, independent and innovative thinking and learning conducive to the attainment of high academic standards. The School strives for teaching and learning excellence which are purposefully driven through an innovative approach by means of flexi-learning in order to establish the School of Dentistry as a leader in its field, both locally and internationally. The School, furthermore, strives for excellence in teaching and education through:

  • research activities of lecturers, which are creatively integrated with the learning activities of students
  • national and international publications on educational research findings, which are published on a regular basis, and
  • promotion of the accessibility of the School to all students in order to ensure that the composition of the student body reflects the pool of qualified school and college leavers within the foreseeable future. 

Prospective students looking for more information on undergraduate programmes, click here.