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Alumni to get their own clubhouse  

Although it has been under discussion for some time now, plans for a TuksAlumni clubhouse are beginning to take shape. This will be a venue in close proximity to the Hatfield Campus mainly for the use of alumni and friends of the University of Pretoria.

There has been a feeling for some time now that a wall should be established that displays the achievements of alumni – in addition to those who excel in sport and Laureate recipients. After investigating several options, it was decided that a clubhouse especially for alumni would be the ideal location for such a wall. From this point onwards, the idea started developing and the University, which supported the TuksAlumni Board in this project, offered land on which such a clubhouse could be built. Although still in the planning phase, ideas and plans are being put together to make this dream a reality.

The clubhouse will not be built on the Hatfield Campus, but will be located close by. Various facilities for the use of alumni will be located at the clubhouse. A coffee shop will serve as a networking facility where alumni, friends of the University and even postgraduate students can have some coffee and interact with each other. Consultation rooms are also being planned, where small meetings can be held and alumni can do some work. Accommodation will be available to alumni who have had to travel far and need to spend the night in Pretoria. A restaurant – which may be used for exclusive alumni events – is also being planned. 

The clubhouse will provide the ideal opportunity to strengthen ties between the alumni of the University of Pretoria. Be sure to keep an eye on the TuksAlumni-ePOS to see how this project of the TuksAlumni Board develops.