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Departement Mondpatologie en Mondbiologie

Befondsde navorsingsprojekte

  • Determination of HIV replication in the different cell populations of oral epithelium (NHLS funded).
  • HPV strains in the oral mucosa of HIV positive females in South Africa (NHLS funded).

Beursvoorstelle om geskryf te word

  • Evaluation of DNA ploidy and cytology in the early diagnosis of recurrent OSCC (NHLS).

Algemene navorsing

  • Effects of skin contact on two commonly used impression materials.


  • Comparison of the number and diameter of dentinal tubules in human and canine dentine by SEM investigation.
  • Flow cytometric evaluation of pulp, dental follicle and lamina propria mesenchymal cell DNA degradation.
  • Tooth enamel thickness in the dentition of domestic dogs - a stereomicroscopic study.
  • Denture marking questionnaires.



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