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Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences


The Research Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences has been established according to a dictate from the Senate Committee for Research Ethics and Integrity of the University of Pretoria.

Research ethics is the science of criteria, norms and values for human action and conduct. It is engaged in reflection and analysis of morals concerning whether an act is good or bad and how it influences the quest for meaning. Its intention is to safeguard human dignity and to promote justice, equality, truth and trust. Therefore, ethics is a critical reflection of morality.

The function of the Research Ethics Committee is two-fold: firstly, it has a monitoring function in respect of generally accepted scientific principles and ethical standards that underlie all research. Secondly, to ensure that all research in the Faculty that involves human subjects and/or respondents is bound by specific ethical principles. These include:

  • the protection of research participants and researchers from harm or exploitation;
  • the preservation of a participant’s rights, which takes precedence over society’s rights;
  • the provision of reassurance to society that their rights are maintained;
  • ensuring that researchers are properly qualified and experienced; and
  • investigation of allegations of scientific misconduct and reporting of findings to the Faculty Board.

The underlying rationale is to preserve and respect the rights, freedom and well-being of all people.

The Research Ethics Committee, however, does not function in the place of the ethically conscious researcher, who must take the responsibility for his/her human subjects and/or respondents. Both functions of the Committee are performed with due circumspection so that the integrity of departments, and the University, is not jeopardised.

The Research Ethics Committee works independently, but in synergy with the other related committees, namely the Research Committee, overseeing all research within the Faculty, and the Postgraduate Committee whose principal objective is to monitor and approve graduate research proposals.

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