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Dr Louise Olivier

Dr Louise Olivier is a clinical, consulting and forensic psychologist of note.

Dr Olivier obtained the BA (Psychology) degree with distinction, and the BA honours degree at the Potchefstroom University, as well as the Higher Education Diploma (cum laude) at the Potchefstroom College of Education. She completed the MA (Clinical Psychology) degree (cum laude) at the then RAU and her DPhil in Psychology at the University of Pretoria.

She received postgraduate training abroad in family therapy, marriage and sex therapy, hypnosis, forensic psychology and neuropsychology.

Dr Olivier has been an invited speaker at international and local conferences and a guest lecturer at universities in Moscow, Constance, and Jerusalem, as well as locally.

She is or was a member of, among others, the following bodies:

• Past President of the Psychological Society of South Africa
• Chairperson of the Division of Forensic and Neuropsychology of the Psychological Society of South Africa
• Member of the Training Committee of the International Society of Hypnosis
• Professional advisor to the Department of Justice in South Africa on Forensic Psychology
• Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, United Kingdom

Dr Olivier has acted as a project leader for several research initiatives and is an external examiner at several South African universities. She has authored and co-authored books and scientific articles and is a staff member or subject consultant of several periodicals.

After 16 years as Director of the HRC’s Centre for Child and Adult Guidance, she has established her own practice, where she mainly focuses on training, forensic psychology and psychotherapy. She is often a member of high-profile legal teams in South Africa and provides psychological counselling in a popular magazine. She often appears on local and international radio and television.

Dr Olivier, an enthusiastic animal lover, is a qualified pilot and often flies to destinations at the coast or in the bush where she can relax and enjoy nature.