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Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences


The committee system of the Faculty proved to be successful in terms of governance, efficiency, participation and the implementation of UP policy. An important factor to the success of the committee system is the fact that senior academics chair the committees. All departments have representation on committees and young members of staff are encouraged to serve on committees.

The committees are as follows:

Advisory Board    Prof Elsabé Loots
Heads of Department    Prof Elsabé Loots
Faculty Board  Prof Elsabé Loots
Teaching and Learning Committee*   Prof Elsabé Loots
Research Committee*   Prof Stella Nkomo
Prof Lianne Malan
Postgraduate Committee Prof Stella Nkomo
Research Ethics Committee  Prof Berendien Lubbe
Financial Committee     Prof Karin Barac
Skills Development Committee    Dr Arien Strasheim
Faculty Appointments Committee   Prof Elsabé Loots
Admissions Committee   Prof André Jordaan
Facility Management, Health and Safety Committee  Mrs Doret van der Westhuizen

 *Elevated to subcommittees of the Faculty Board.