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TuksHockey Clubhouse & Astro

By Linda Dlamini

Posted on 03 November 2011

TuksHockey Clubhouse destroyed by Storm

 TuksHockey Astro and Clubhouse destroyed by Storm




Friday 28th October 2011 saw a major Storm hit the Jacaranda City. This Storm came as a massive blow as it destroyed the TuksHockey Astro Clubhouse by ripping off the roof which lead to massive destruction not only to the clubhouse, which was flooded with various assets water damaged but also to the Astro surface which was left with at least 50% damage due to massive tears which occurred on various areas of the turf.


The relevant role players of the University of Pretoria are working tirelessly to restore the facility to its original state so that the Clubhouse is once again the lively, world class facility known to many.


Please note until further notice the facility will not be available for any events.

If you require assistance from TuksHockey staff please check the contact details section of this website and contact us via mobile phone.


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