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New deans appointed


The terms of office of the deans of four of the University’s nine faculties came to an end during the course of 2009, and recruitment and appointment processes were initiated to renew the terms of office of existing deans, where applicable, or to recruit new candidates for these positions.


The regulation that is applicable to the appointment of deans and deputy deans makes provision for a dean, after having served an initial four-year term, to be appointed for a second term of office, upon consultation with the faculty and at the recommendation of the University’s Executive. After serving a second term, the position may be advertised, and, should the current dean be interested in serving another term, he/she may apply for the position and his/her application may be considered together with those of other possible candidates, according to the official procedure.


The appointment of Prof Gerry Swan of the Faculty of Veterinary Science has therefore been extended for a second four-year term. Prof Roelf Sandenbergh, who had already served two terms as dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology, was the only applicant for this position, and following a selection process, he has been appointed for a third term of office.


Following a first recruitment round for the positions of dean in the faculties of Health Sciences and Theology, the Standing Committee of Council decided – on the basis of strategic considerations – not to make appointments, but to engage in recruitment over a wider spectrum for these positions. A recruitment agency has been approached to assist with the search for a suitable candidate to serve as dean of Health Sciences, and a number of potential candidates have been identified. The selection process is currently under way, and an appointment will be made as early as possible in 2010. The position of dean in the Faculty of Theology will be readvertised to find a suitable candidate for this position in order to make an appointment as early as possible in 2010.


In both these faculties, bridging measures are in place to ensure that the faculties function as normal until the respective appointments have been made.