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School of Public Management and Administration

About the SPMA

The SPMA’s formal academic offering comprises two undergraduate study programmes that provide a solid foundation for postgraduate study. Its undergraduate programmes are structured in such a way that students specialise very early on in the programme. This improves their employability and gives them a sound knowledge of the main aspects of the various fields of public management and administration. The high esteem in which the SPMA’s programmes are held has contributed to establishing it as Africa’s leading school in public sector education, leadership, governance and public policy. 

Domestic and global challenges demand that professionals be multidisciplinary in approach. The location of SPMA in the UP Faculty for Economics and Management Sciences exposes students to a multidisciplinary education, allowing for cross-fertilisation between fields and the holistic development of our graduates. However, over the past few years, the SPMA has transformed itself into an entity that does more than just provide students with a tertiary qualification. Its programmes extend beyond the confines of formal fulltime study programmes, and it is currently the frontrunner in the presentation of short courses by an academic institution. Through the campus enterprise Continuing Education at University of Pretoria (CE at UP), the SPMA is able to share the knowledge and experience of its academic staff with thousands of employees in the public sector. These short courses cover a wide range of matters regarding public management and administration.