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Department of Physics

Department of Physics Bursaries

General bursaries awarded by the University of Pretoria

The University of Pretoria awards bursaries and loans to both undergraduate and postgraduate students who have performed well.

Information on these can be obtained from the client service centre of the University of Pretoria.

Click here to find information regarding study fees and funding.

NRF-SAARCHi Chair in complex systems

pdf iconClick here
for bursary information for postgraduate students at UP in the field of complex systems.

NRF-SAARCHi Chair in Carbon Technology and Materials

pdf iconClick here for bursary information for postgraduate students at UP in the field of carbon technology and materials.

Bursaries from companies and research institutions

Several companies employing physicists award bursaries to students with the requirement that they come and work in the company after completion of their studies. Although most of these bursaries are for postgraduate studies, some are also for top undergraduate students. Prospective students are advised to consult the web pages of such companies and contact the Public Relation Officers of these companies. In recent times, the following companies awarded bursaries to students (the list is not complete):

International Students

Research institutions in South Africa

pdf icon Click here for a document describing bursaries the CSIR have on offer for 2014. Closing date is 13 September 2013.
pdf icon Click here for a document outlining the instructions on how to apply for the DAAD-NRF In-Country Master’s and Doctoral scholarships for 2014.

Other Companies

Several governmental departments, for example: Department of Minerals & Energy, Department of Defence, Department of Science & Technology, Department of Trade & Industry.


The National Research Foundation awards numerous bursaries to students for postgraduate studies, i.e. honours, master's and doctoral studies. More information can be obtained from the following website: