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Risk Management and Internal Audit


Internal control reviews

This type of audit focuses on the system of internal control and will evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls as it relates to a specific focus area.

Compliance audits

This type of audit provides management with assurance on compliance with specific policies, procedures and applicable laws and regulations.

Financial audits

A financially focused audit provides assurance on the accuracy of financial information which is substantiated by financial analysis and interpretation.

Information technology (IT) audits

These reviews address the internal control environment of compuertised information processing systems and how people use those systems. IT reviews evaluate system input, ouput and process controls, backup and recovery plans, seperation of duties, systems security and computer facilities.

Performance audits

These audits examine the use of University resources to evaluate whether these resources are being used in the most efficient and effective ways to fulfil the University's strategic objectives.

Special reviews

Assistance with the investigation of alleged fraudulent activities and irregularities.