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Faculty of Veterinary Science

Faculty Facilities

The Faculty is situated on the Onderstepoort campus of the University of Pretoria, which is a ring-fenced property of 65 hectares.  Entry is obtained through a security gate manned on a 24-hour basis.  Staff and students obtain access through use of activated staff or student cards. Click here for a campus map.

The buildings cover a total of 55 000 m 2 and consist of the following (the number in brackets  corresponds with the number on the campus map):

  • The Arnold Theiler building (7) which houses the following sections/services:
    • Academic Information Services (library)
    • Cafeteria
    • Computer Aided Instruction Centre (140 work stations)
    • Dean and Deputy Dean
    • Faculty Administration
    • Lecture rooms equipped with computers, video and data projectors
    • Student Administration (including student support services)
    • Telematic facility equipped with satellite and video conference facilities
  • The Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic Hospital (OVAH) (3) with clinical service areas, clinical pathology laboratories and office accommodation for the Departments of Companion Animal Clinical Studies and Production Animal Studies (section of Reproduction).  The clinical areas provide for the following entities:
    • Anaesthesiology
    • Central Sterilising Unit
    • Dental clinic
    • Diagnostic Imaging (Radiology and Ultrasound)
    • Equine clinic
    • Exotic Animal clinic
    • Intensive Care Unit
    • Kennels and stables, paddocks and camps
    • Ophthalmology clinic
    • Outpatients
    • Pharmacy
    • Small Animal Medicine clinic
    • Small Animal Reproduction clinic
    • Small Animal Surgery clinic
    • Surgical theatres and recovery rooms
  • Free-standing building (14) with offices and laboratories for the Departments of Paraclinical Sciences (sections of Pharmacology and Toxicology), Veterinary Tropical Diseases and support services of the central Department of Education Innovation (12)
  • Free-standing building (15) with offices, laboratories and dissection halls for the Department of Anatomy and Physiology (sections of Anatomy and Histology, including electron microscopy)
  • Free-standing building (16) with offices and laboratories for the Departments of Anatomy and Physiology (section of Physiology), Production Animal Studies (section of Animal Production and Ethology), Centre for Veterinary Wildlife Studies and Equine Research Centre
  • Free-standing building (10 and 11) with offices and seminar rooms for the Department of Production Animal Studies
  • Free-standing buildings (4 and 8) with offices, laboratories and post mortem halls for the Department of Paraclinical Sciences (sections of Veterinary Public Health and Pathology)
  • Free-standing building (13) for the Equine Research Centre
  • Buildings utilised by technical and maintenance services, vehicle pool, feed storage, etc. (6)
  • Camps, paddocks and animal handling facilities (including a small dairy) managed by the Onderstepoort Animal Teaching Unit (OTAU) (17)
  • Residence annexes (19)
  • Student residence and associated sports fields (20)
  • The campus is also home for the independent University of Pretoria Biomedical Research Centre (UPBRC) (9) 

The Faculty has extensive communication systems including full 24-hour access to the Internet, University mainframe system and local area network.

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