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UP Arts and Illusion Entertainment Presents: Sleightly Magical 2 with Ilan Smith

By UP Arts

Posted on 03 September 2010

Come enjoy an evening filled with Magic, Mystery and Illusion with Ilan Smith, master of intrigue and wonder. Ilan Smith has an ability to amaze, mystify and enrapture, releasing audiences from reality, suspending disbelief and making you dream. Come and experience this entertainer illusionist's skill, style and creative flair on Monday, 6 September in the Lier theatre on the University of Pretoria Hatfield Campus.

Where: Lier Theater – University of Pretoria Grounds

When: Monday, 6 September 2010 @ 19:00

Ticket Prices: R60 / Students: R35

Bookings: Marielle Labuschagne

Tel: (012) 420 3644



Come and join us for a magical journey that will let you relax and forget about reality for the evening.


Ilan Smith Correctly Predicted the Final Outcome of the FIFA World Cup!

Ilan was spot on with his prediction! Following up from Ilans last appearance on Radio when Ilan claimed ‘to accurately predict the FIFA World Cup Outcome’ live on radio and with the radio presenters as eye witnesses, we can confidently announce:  Ilan has done it!

 Live on air with John Robbie, the locked safety deposit box was opened, the envelope ripped open and John Robbie himself was amazed when he read out the prediction that Ilan had written eleven days ago prior to the quater finals with 8 teams still in the running. Spain 1 – Netherlands 0 Ayoba! was written on the piece of paper in the signed envelope. Although Paul the octopus was able to predict the winning team, Ilan being a step ahead – also correctly predicted the final score.

 All this was filmed and photographed by the station’s own TV crew and is visible on the station’s website. Ilan is also to appear on 5FM and 94.7 Highveld Stereo later today where he will repeat this procedure. That’s the confidence this man had – to make his prediction 3 times over, witnessed and filmed live on radio!

Contrary to what people believe, Ilan has expressed that ‘this is all an illusion- a magical effect that appears real to the audience but is in fact only an illusion’. This is in line with his career as an Entertainer Illusionist who designs and performs magical effects for corporate and private parties. Ilan uses a blend of magic and comedy to entertain and infotain his clients. Companies have chosen to work with Ilan, South Africa’s leading Corporate Magician & Infotainer, when they needed to significantly increase their noticability, their stickiness factor and value of their events, conferences and sales meetings. To see more about what is magically possible with Ilan Smith please visit and join Ilan’s Facebook Group:  Ilan Smith – Entertainer Illusionist.

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