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Education Innovation

Gaby Pretorius

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Gaby Pretorius

Gaby Pretorius
Instructional Designer
Tel: +27 12 420-4301

Main responsibilities

  • Lead and manage Computer-based Testing on Hatfield Campus, Groenkloof Campus and IT Labs
  • Instructional design of educational material in the Humanities Faculty and Faculty of Economic & Management Sciences (Web and Multimedia)
  • Consult and advise lecturers on educational initiatives
  • Student orientation in clickUP

Focus areas / interests

  • Computer-based Testing
  • Web and Multimedia Design and Development
  • Educational value of Web 2.0 technologies


  • Pretorius, G.J; Mostert, E. & de Bruyn, E. (2007). A local innovation: the development of a computer-based testing system. Proceedings of the 9th Annual Conference on World Wide Web Applications, 5-7 September 2007, Johannesburg. Auckland Park: University of Johannesburg. ISBN: 978-0-620-39837-4. Available at
  • de Villiers, G.J & Cronjé, J.C. 2001. Using learners’ response to evaluate an educational Mathematics web site. South African Journal of Education, 21(3):161-166.
  • Fresen, J.W; Pretorius, G.J. & Marx, A. 2003. Public Administration: Getting hooked on e-learning. Journal of Public Administration, Vol 38(3.1): 192-205.