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Loffie guest speaker at Trok luncheon

Posted on 18 June 2009

Eugene (Loffie) Eloff, who has recenty been asked to step down as the Lions’ senior team coach, will be the guest speaker at the Trok luncheon on 24 July 2009 in the Tuks rugby club house.

It will be very interesting to hear whether or not Loffie will elaborate on the actual reasons for his ‘re-deployment’.

The official version was that Loffie was sacked because of the Lions’ disastrous Super 14 performance. The Golden Lions Rugby Union felt that it was vital to have a complete audit on the whole system and structures within the Union, and therefore invited Jake White’s Winning Ways (Pty) Ltd to do this audit.

One of Jake’s first recommendations was a new role for Loffie.

Those interested in listening to Loffie can contact Ilze Wicksell at 012-420-6135 of

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