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The Collection of Paintings and Graphic Works

The collection of paintings, drawings, etchings and prints comprises 4018 items of which 2622 are drawings by the 19th century Dutch painter, Marinus Reus (1865-1938). There are numerous oil paintings by Dutch painters of the 18th and 19th centuries, such as landscapes by Salomon Leonardus Verveer (1813-1876), A H Bakkerkorff (1824-1882), J Bles (1825-1875), J H L de Haas (1832-1908), as well as 45 large etchings by Cor Brandenburg (1884-1954), 37 drawings and etchings by Louis Apol (1850-1936), 34 drawings by Bernardus Cornelis Noltee (1903-1967) and 16 etchings of paintings by Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) by a number of his students such as Martinus van den Enden and Cornelius Galle II.

This collection also consists of 127 watercolours by the twentieth century Italian painter, Giulio Falzoni (1900-1978), as well as a number of lithographs by his son Giordano Falzoni, a large number of 19th century prints and an oil painting by Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669). This painting, ’Portrait of an old Jew’, which was discovered in Paris in 1926, is described by A Bredius in his book ’Rembrandt Skilderijen’ . Van Tilburg bought this painting in Paris in 1942 from the collection of E Warneck. In 1971 H Gerson, however, attributed it to the 18th century painter, Gebrandt van den Eeckhout as a copy of Rembrandt, but after extensive tests were recently done it has passed them all to confirm that it is a work by the great master.

Other noteworthy paintings in the Van Tilburg Collection are ’The Flight into Egypt’ by Nicolaes Cornelisz Moeyaert (1595-1656), a seascape by Abraham Storck (1635-1710), a large seascape by Johannes Heppener (1826-1898), a landscape with cattle by Balthasar Ommeganck (1755-1826) which is dated 1779 and a number of antique Chinese paintings painted on silk.

Although this magnificent collection is at present open to public viewing, one can only look forward to a time when the collection will be exhibited in its entirety so that the viewer can admire the true scope of this cultural treasure.