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BCom Entrepreneurship - Sneaker project

Posted on 20 September 2010

As part of their training, BCom (Entrepreneurship) students had to do a project where they used the theoretical background that they receive in class and their own experience to create and make shoes from recycled material. The students worked in groups of five members each.

The students exhibited the shoes, that had to have a unique South African pattern and also had to be made from recycled material, during a presentation that was held in Burgundy’s on Tuesday, 14 September 2010.

The project originated from the current tendency of businesses to focus more on their social responsibility and the responsible use of business resources. Profit is no longer the prime concern. Keeping this in mind, students had to design and make shoes from any recycled material. They also had to apply the theory of the creative process to their shoes. In turn, this can be linked to the phase of identifying and evaluating an opportunity in the entrepreneurial process.

The sneaker project attempted to help students to link theory to practice. They need to develop and present sneakers to the market using the theory of the different stages in the window of opportunity. They also had to compile a pocket guide titled: Information in a nutshell on how to get a product on the market that contains detailed information on these stages. The pocket guides were used to make existing and potential small business owners aware of all the necessary steps they have to go through in order to have a sustainable business. The overall aim of the sneaker project was to invest in the community by developing the entrepreneurial skills of an individual.

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