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TuksAlumni Office

TuksAlumni Office: Support and Services

Department of University Relations

The Alumni Office would like to support all interest groups on campus to reach their alumni.

1. Dispatch of electronic communication to alumni: Many interest groups would like to send communication to alumni and therefore it is important to manage the process to prevent alumni from being overwhelmed with e-mails. As soon as too many e-mails are sent, especially if they are not directed at specific target groups, the receiver builds up resistance and often asks to be removed from the mailing list. In order to ensure optimal use of e-mail dispatch, adherence to certain guidelines is important (Click here to view the guidelines). Contact Jacqui Pietersen at 012 420 3702 or

2. Access to telephones (students): Telephones in the Alumni Office will, as far as possible, be made available for students to contact their alumni on behalf of their residence/interest group/faculty to update contact information. This should be arranged one week in advance with the Alumni Office.

3. Media exposure: The Alumni Office would like to report on all alumni functions on the web page and where possible, in the electronic newsletter. Interest groups are requested to forward information and photographs on alumni activities or achievements to the Alumni Office.

4. Alumni reunions and events: The Alumni Office will gladly give advice to any interest group organising reunions or events (such as residence reunions or prestige lectures). The Alumni Office would like to be presented at these events.

TuksAlumni reserves the right to change the guidelines above if necessary. Kindly contact the Alumni Office at x 3086 or at

Kindly visit the homepage of the TuksAlumni Office at for more information about their work, events and aims.  


TuksSport athletes taking part in the Commonwealth Games - 25/07/2014
From TuksSport

The 2014 Commonwealth Games (officially the XX Commonwealth Games) are held in Glasgow, Scotland from 23 July to 3 August 2014. It is the third largest multi-sport event after the Olympics and the Asian Games, and it will be the largest multi-sport event ever held in Scotland. Around 4 560 athletes will be competing in 17 different sports.

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International association honours Prof Kobus Maree as distinguished psychologist - 25/07/2014
From Department of Educational Psychology

An international honour was recently bestowed upon Professor Kobus Maree, lecturer in the Faculty of Education’s Department of Educational Psychology, when he was named as a fellow of the International Association for Applied Psychology (IAAP) at their quadrennial international congress held in Paris during July, which was attended by 4 500 psychologists from 100 countries.

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Focus on resilience - 25/07/2014
From Unit for Education Research (ERA Unit)

Dr Sonja Coetzee from the Department of Humanties Education (left), Dr Caroline Mansfield, Visiting Scholar from Murdoch University and Prof Liesel Ebersöhn from the Unit for Education Research in AIDS, are planning cross-national research on teacher resilience as a South-to-South partnership focusing on building resilience in pre-service teachers.

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Public Health Seminar, 8 August 2014 - 25/07/2014
From School of Health Systems and Public Health

Application of the case-crossover epidemiological study design: Association between outdoor air pollution and cause-specific mortality in Cape Town, South Africa

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Commonwealth Games Day one Results - 25/07/2014
From High Performance Centre

Well done to the athletes that competed yesterday with their respective results and good luck and all the best to the athletes competing today.

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