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By Emmerentia Nel

Posted on 29 July 2011

The Web Office wants your news
The Web Office wants your news

The Web Office wants your news! Many of our mini-sites are making good use of their news function, but there are still some of you who are missing out on a great deal.

Did you know?

  • News items is a way for your site to “change” regularly, thus making it more attractive for search engines such as Google.
  • When you load news, you can mark it for the UP frontpage, staff portal, student portal and even Campus News. If you use one of these options, the news item goes to the editor who can then place it on one of these platforms for you – one-stop-shopping.
  • News items are archived and can therefore build up and become a good repository of news in the department / faculty etc.
  • News items can be used to build an electronic newsletter (more to follow)
  • There are good stats available as to the reading of news items (
  • You can use the archive as reporting tool in your department – if all your news and events are captured there, it is a great way of looking back on a year or semester of work.

What can you do?

  • Make sure you have a news page. If not, create a new page and select “News” as the module, save and from there follow the simple instructions. If this sounds complicated, contact the Web Office, we can help.
  • Load news as regularly as you can – daily is of course ideal, but weekly will do.
  • News need not be long and complicated articles.
  • News should, however, not be two sentences long either.
  • Ideally a news article is made up of
    • Title (please don’t use CAPS) that is self-explanatory and will catch the user’s eye. Don’t be too cryptic.
    • Author – ideally this should have the person’s name who wrote the article
    • Introduction – a sentence that provide a bit more information than the title. (The title and intro together should be enough for a person to make up their minds whether they want to read it)
    • Image / picture – you can upload one from your hard drive, just make sure you have reduced the size so that it does not take too long to load and that you have provided a caption.
    • Body of the text – this should be about 100 to 300 words long.
    • Afrikaans version – since this is the policy of the university.

Our wishlist

It would be really great if you could:

  • Add some stories that are academic in nature or focus on research.
  • An international angle is a definite bonus.
  • Upload news at least once a week.
  • Load the news soon after the event happened (we can’t use old news on the UP front page).
  • Post the news item in both languages.
  • Have the language and content checked before it goes out.
  • Look at the statistics and the type of news stories that attract interest in your field.

The Web Team

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