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The University of Pretoria Art Collection   

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Contact person: Gerard de Kamper
Admission: Free of charge
Opening Hours: By appointment only
Facilities: Guided tours; lectures; restaurants & safe parking on campus
Physical address: Education and Law Building, University of Pretoria
Tel : (012) 420 4017 ♦ Fax : (012) 420 4918 ♦ e-mail :

The University of Pretoria Art Collection
The South African collection contains the work of 350 painters and graphic artists, 60 sculptors and 14 potters. There are large collections of paintings by particular artists, such as Bettie Cilliers-Barnard (88 works), Christo Coetzee (118 works), Erich Mayer (320 works), Jacob Pierneef (64 works), Frans Oerder (43 works), Gregoire Boonzaier (42 works), Ranko Pudi (10 works), Coert Steynberg (10 works), Sam Ngethwa (7 works) and Lucky Sibya (7 works). Although the nucleus of the collection consists mainly of the work of the older established section of South African art, recent acquisitions of the work of contemporary artists such as Tommy Motswai, Henriette Ngako, Daniel Mosako, Velaphi Mzimba, Fanzile Masombuka, William Kentridge, Willie Bester and others, have made the collection much more representative of the art of the whole South African community. 
The sculpture collection, the largest in South Africa, contains work by Sidney Kumalo, Thijs Nel, Maureen Quinn, Michael Teffo, Lucky Sibya, Ian Redlinghuys, Anton Smit and others, while the pottery collection has, amongst others, beautiful pieces from the Ardmore Studio.

All these artworks are displayed in buildings spread over the University campus, with the most important works safely secured. These works can be viewed by special appointment and have been integrated into the academic programmes of various departments of the University of Pretoria. 

The University owns an important collection of paintings, sculptures and graphic works, mainly by South African artists, but there are also excellent artworks by prominent international artists such as Max Pechstein, Käthe Kollwitz, Max Lieberman, George Grosz, Otto Mueller, Thomas Benton, Marc Chagall, Karol Felix and others. At present the collection consists of 2760 paintings and graphics, 800 sculptures and 30 ceramic pieces.