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Welcome to the TuksSportAlumni Website.

This is the website of the alumni in sport at the University of Pretoria (or Tukkies, as it is generally known). It contains news of the TuksRugby Supporters Club, the TuksAthletics Supporters Club, the TuksCricket Supporters Club, the annual Hall of Fame banquet, Reunion dinners, Golf Days and other events and would in future also cover news of the supporters clubs of other sporting codes at the university when they are founded.

The intention is to through this website create an active interaction between members of the various supporters clubs, sport alumni of Tukkies, sponsors, donors and friends of sport at the University.
Tukkies, which would be 100 years old in 2008, has a proud tradition in sport and over the years has produced many sporting personalities and heroes.

Some of them became heroes while still on campus, while others became legends after they have completed their studies. It is important to involve these former players as well as the thousands of supporters in some way or another with TuksSport. Our aim is therefore to revive and preserve the wonderful tradition of TuksSport (which has always been the pride of Tukkies), as a great need exists for alumni to be part of this tradition.

A further aim of the Website is to transform the TuksSport Supporters Clubs into some of the biggest and most active alumni clubs, which would put TuksSport again in its rightful position. That is why a Membership Drive has been launched to sign up as many new members as possible, in order to create an established network of all the former Tukkies, who want to be associated with the various clubs. New members would enjoy certain benefits.

“ Sport is a world power”. This statement made by Alexander Natan in 1954 is not too far-fetched if taken into consideration that sport developed into an indelible and important power in the relatively short period of 100 years. Today, more than 500 million people in the world take part in some or other sporting activity. The marketing value of sport should therefore never be underestimated; it has grown to the extent that world sporting events are dominating the media. Similarly, on local and national level, communities focus on sport to make a positive and entertaining contribution to community life.

At the University of Pretoria, sport has grown from humble beginnings, into a force to be reckoned with. On 10 February 1908, the then Transvaal University College/Kollege (TUKS) was founded with 32 students; not sufficient numbers for organized sports activities. However, when 66 students enrolled in 1909, the situation changed significantly when four sports clubs were established, namely rugby, korfball, soccer and tennis. In 1957 the Sports Committee was established and in 1958 the Sports Office was officially opened. The University now boasts world-class sports facilities providing students with opportunities to participate on club, national and international levels in a wide variety of sports disciplines. The sports complex at the LC de Villiers sports grounds, is considered to be the most extensive multi-sports complex in South Africa, which includes the ultra modern TuksSport Highperformancecentre®.

The might of TuksSport is well known in South Africa and abroad. During the past decades, TuksSport experienced numerous highlights and saw several of its athletes achieving top honours at club, national and international level. There are currently 29 registered sports clubs at Tukkies in which more than 10.000 students take part, both for recreation and competitively. In 2000, a total of 45 Tuks athletes represented their country in 15 different sports on the world's sports fields; in 2006 the University produced no fewer than 100 members to national sports teams.

The Principal of the University of Pretoria, Prof Calie Pistorius, stated that “in the year 2000, the University adopted a new approach towards sport. In view of the importance of sport, whether as recreation or at a competitive level, in the development of well-rounded people, it was the University's strategic intention to improve and enhance its involvement in sport. This includes facilities, organizational structures and participation levels. The University strives to be a leader in sport education and training.”

In view of the above, we hope that you would enjoy this TuksSportAlumni website and that you would become involved with us.

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