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 Statistical Process Control group

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Quality is one of the most ubiquitous words in today’s society. Making better, higher quality products is the goal of all industries and organizations. It is indisputable that statistics and statisticians play a crucial role in this process. There have been tremendous advancements in statistical methods to improve quality, since the Second World War, helping to usher in revolutionary changes benefiting all facets of life. While traditional quality/process control work mainly involved the manufacturing industry, the quest for better quality and higher efficiency now pervades industries and organizations across the whole spectrum, from healthcare to surveillance to monitoring an outbreak of infectious diseases, to cite a few examples. As a consequence, there has almost been an exponential growth in the number of journal publications for quality related research.

The spirit of excitement of doing statistical research, making contributions to methodological advances that can potentially improve quality, as it touches our lives, is alive and strong in the Statistical Process Control (SPC) group in the Department of Statistics at the University of Pretoria. The SPC group is made up of a unique combination of senior, midlevel and junior faculty, students and staff members, interested in teaching, researching and applications of statistical quality control, and more generally, in research in statistics. We use mathematical statistical methods and modern computational tools to conceptualize, formulate and develop new statistical methods for quality control and related problems.

The group is currently led by Prof Subha Chakraborti of the University of Alabama, U.S.A.  He is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association, an elected member of the International Statistical Society and an internationally recognized researcher in SPC.  The other members of the group are Prof Chris Smit, Dr. Schalk Human, Mrs. Marien Graham, Mr. Pierre Kritzinger, Mr. Mandla Diko, Ms. Michelle Botes and Mrs. Margi Coelho  (all from the Department of Statistics at UP).

The SPC group has made significant contributions to the teaching and research over the last few years.  

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We would like to invite you to consider joining our team. You need to have an interest in research, a good background in statistics and an excellent work ethic.  Both honours and postgraduate students are welcome; past experience in research in any area is helpful but not necessary.  You can do research while writing an honours essay, or a master’s thesis or even a doctoral dissertation.  The rewards are plenty.


If you are interested and would like to learn more, Dr. Marien Graham ( We believe in collaborative research and would be most interested in working with partners (individuals and groups) both inside and outside of the University of Pretoria.